Hunt The Wumpus

Click on cave entrance to move, or fire arrow
through caves

  • You are in a maze of caves connected by tunnels. Somewhere in the cave is the Wumpus. You have a stock of arrows that you can shoot along tunnels up to three caves away.
  • You can move around the maze by choosing a tunnel, but beware! As well as the Wumpus there are pits that you can fall down (the Wumpus has suckers on its feet so is not affected) and also there are bats strong enough to lift you up and drop you elsewhere in the maze (the Wumpus is too heavy for the bats to lift).
  • You can get some sense of danger from the draughts coming from the pits and the sound of the bats up to one cave away; also from the smell of the Wumpus which you can sense up to two caves away.
  • The bats do not move until you blunder into their cave, and the Wumpus doesn't move unless you miss with your arrow.
  • Your task is to shoot the Wumpus without falling down a pit, running out of arrows, or being eaten!

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