Building a Visual Basic 2008 application with BasicDSP and ZedGraph

Step 1. Create a new Basic application

Step 2. Downloading BasicDSP and ZedGraph DLLs

If you have not done so already, download the BasicDSP and ZedGraph DLLs.You can download them into the folder where the TestSine project is stored, or to another place. Here are thelinks again:

Right click on the links above, and choose "Save Link As" to copy to the destination folder.

Step 3. Add ZedGraph to the Toolbox

If you have not done so already, add the ZedGraph control to the IDE Toolbox, as follows:

Step 4. Add a ZedGraph control to your form

Step 5. Add the Visual Basic code

Step 6. Add a reference to the BasicDSP library

Step 7. Run the program

That's it! Happy exploration with your own code.


Mark Huckvale - January 2010